Andrew Lochart

High Tech Marketing


I have 20 years of marketing experience – both hands-on and management – in the computer industry, specializing in growing start-ups.  The companies I've worked for have had two IPOs and acquisitions by Google, Oracle and Siebel.

I’m expert in igniting start-up growth with hands-on work in all facets of marketing, including strategy, demand creation, marcom, PR and product marketing.

I’ve been in SaaS/cloud since before it was called those things, so I understand how to market its benefits.

As a VP of Marketing, my role is to:

  1. Provide a vision of the company, its products, and the marketplace that compels employees and customers.

  2. Identify target market segments.  Identify the decision makers and what drives their decisions.

  3. Be the voice of the customer, to guide not just go-to-market programs, but product definition as well.

  4. Develop marketing strategy: determine which channels best reach which target customers; what to spend; how to measure success.

  5. Create staffing and budgeting plans; hire and lead great teams.

  6. Generate qualified leads, and plenty of them!

  7. Maximize the ROI of all campaign spending. Be accountable for increasing revenue, not just lowering costs.

  8. Identify real product differentiators and turn them into compelling positioning and messaging.

  9. Be a trusted spokesman for the company, giving customers, investors, analysts and journalists the information they need.

  10. Do the work and get results. At a couple of prior start-ups, I’ve been a marketing team of one. I am always ready, willing and able to do the work myself, with a shoestring budget.

In the past, I have helped several start-ups achieve great outcomes.  I led the marketing team at Postini during its high-growth phase, leading to acquisition by Google.  By defining and then dominating the SaaS (on-demand/cloud) market for anti-spam, we went from being just one of a hundred anti-spam start-ups to having a $625M exit.  A crucial element of this result was developing a unique and compelling story to tell the marketplace. We also built an awesome and efficient lead generation machine so we could economically sell into small accounts, and also pursue – and win – opportunities in Fortune 500 enterprises.

Earlier, I led the marketing team at BoldFish where we created a new enterprise software category that was complementary to existing CRM systems. We tailored our product  – and our evangelism – to appeal to both customers and partners. The result was acquisition by Siebel.

I earned my MBA at UC Berkeley and my BA in Statistics from Princeton University.

I have experience with a variety of e-commerce, IT security and compliance technologies, including:

  1. E-commerce platforms

  2. Social media marketing

  3. Email security & compliance / anti-spam / anti-virus

  4. Web/IM/P2P security & filtering

  5. Data loss prevention (DLP)

  6. Archiving

  7. Encryption

  8. Software as a Service (SaaS) / cloud computing

  9. Hybrid solutions

  10. Virtualization and virtual appliances

  11. IT operations & compliance / CMDB / ITIL / COBIT

High-Tech Marketing Executive